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Corporate Vision: Building an Evergreen Foundation and Building a Healthy Life
Focusing on health and focusing on the dual-line development of residential and commercial real estate, Aoyuan is committed to quality and is committed to building an evergreen foundation and is committed to providing customers with a high quality living environment. Advocate the concept of healthy living, lead a positive and optimistic lifestyle, and achieve a healthy life for the Chinese to achieve physical and mental pleasure, fashion vitality and care for nature.
Corporate values: efficiency, integrity, responsibility
Efficient: All Aoyuan people establish time and benefit concepts, scientific management, reasonable planning and coordination, high-quality execution, efficiency, optimization, and efficiency.
Integrity: Integrity is the foundation of the company. Aoyuan advocates that every employee is honest and trustworthy, concentrates on doing things, takes the responsibility and obligation to take the initiative, and abides by the credit, fulfills the promise, wins the respect by honesty, and develops with honesty. market.
Responsibility: The company shoulders four major responsibilities—responsible to customers, accountable to employees, accountable to shareholders, and accountable to society. The responsibility culture is used to guide employees' behavior.
Brand concept: building a healthy life
Adhering to the advanced concept of healthy living, through careful planning and design, material process selection, construction and construction, we provide customers with comfortable, healthy, healthy and environmentally friendly living environment and commercial and residential products; and play the health and health resources of Aoyuan Health City. Through the characteristic property management services, the owners can enjoy a healthy and enjoyable life.
Talent concept: respect talents, encourage learning, positive progress, competition mechanism
Respect for talent: Aoyuan is grateful for the labor and dedication of each employee;
Encourage learning: firmly believe that the learning team will let the Aoyuan go forward forever;
Active and enterprising: Encourage every employee to be able to use his or her own initiative and work creatively;
Competitive Mechanism: Committed to creating a positive competitive mechanism, surpassing yourself is always more meaningful than surpassing others.

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