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Cultural Construction

With the support of the Aoyuan Party Committee, the Aoyuan Art Troupe was established, which effectively promoted the construction of the Aoyuan Party and corporate culture, and promoted the development of production and management.
Under the brand concept of “Building a Healthy Life”, Aoyuan Real Estate Group established the Aoyuan Music Club this year. The club is based on the theme of “Yue Yue, Yue Happy”. The activities of the club include but are not limited to running, walking, badminton, parent-child activities, dance, charity volunteers, parent-child activities, etc., so that the concept of sports health spreads in the society. .

Activity picture

Together with the owners, they push forward the dream and go to the Olympic Games for the owners of Aoyuan.
Aoyuan actively organizes various forms of community activities to enrich the leisure activities of the majority of the owners. With the concept of sports, we have exclusive festivals for all kinds of festivals and families.

2015 9th Owners' Olympics

In 2014, the Chinese Medicine Association of Fuyang Medical Research Heritage Base was stationed in the Health Hotel.

Aoyuan Conway Plaza 2013 National Sevens Rugby Youth Championship

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