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  • Project Name: Guangzhou Aoyuan • Lianfeng Holy Land
  • Type: Residential
  • Building area: 367951.8
  • Hotline: 020-31106888
  • Project address: Lianjiang Road, Shilou Town, Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province (west of Lianhua Mountain Scenic Area)
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Guangzhou Aoyuan • Lianfeng Holy Land

Aoyuan Lianfeng Shengjing, Aoyuan 22-load benchmark project, the project is located in the west side of Lianhua Mountain, Panyu·Shilou Town, the main city of Guangzhou. The total planned land area is about 150,000 m2, and the total construction area is about 360,000 m2. Landscape resources and ecological resources, east of 1500 acres of golf course, Seagull Island, south to the International Innovation City, Lianhua Mountain National 4A level scenic spot, north from the financial city, Pazhou, University City.

The project relies on the layout of the U-shaped peninsula of the Minjiang River and is integrated into the Southeast Asian holiday garden. About 10,000 m2 center garden, hotel, Yudaihe, golf, Lianhua Mountain, Lotus Tower, and the skyline are all in the same place. Let's go home and vacation, life is golf!

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